Friday, July 26, 2013

Carry-On Packing

What does Sherbert&Stilettos pack in a carry on for a two week trip to Ireland? That's a good question, I'm not 100% sure myself either! (And might flight leaves in 7 hours!) Since I'm flying with Aer Lingus I was offered one free checked luggage and one carry on so naturally I was all over that!

So this is just a general list of the little things I like to have close at hand during a seven hour flight!
Naturally I packed my guide books that I picked up on my last trip to Ireland. I also have a notebook with all of my little lists of where to go and what to see as well as a book that my mom picked up for me called Buried in a Bog (we have a little bog joke)

 Also a necessity where ever I go; my favorite sunglasses! And a camera with extra memory cards. I also packed a ziplock with my camera charger, phone charger, and laptop charger. Typically I keep all liquids in my checked luggage just to make security easier but I did pack a ziplock with some lotion and hand sanitizer.

I packed some yoga pants for comfy travel and fuzzy socks to my wittle toes warm. My Vera Bradley makeup travel bag comes in hand for those little makeup touch up items I'll need after a long flight. I must say I don't normally take snacks but I've seen a bunch of blogs saying they take snacks so I'll try my luck with it!
 Meet Emmett, my travel bear! My boyfriend gave me him for our first Christmas together and Emmett has since traveled on every big vacation with me. Sleeping on a plane sometimes isn't the easiest so I take Emmett and my boyfriend's hoodie to help enhance my sleeping. Since I plan on wearing my bulky boots on the plane to save room in my suitcase I'm taking slip on Toms for the plane.. I also have my cross body purse that I drop into my backpack (carry on)

My travel outfit includes:
my bulkiest pair of pants (maurice's)
my favorite grey t-shirt (old navy)
an over sized white sweater (also old navy)
an over sized infinity scarf (ny&co)
I'll try to keep you updated on my travels around Ireland and update a packing list to share after I return home. Any travel suggestions? Feel free to let me know!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Audition Time!

Tuesday Tuesday!
Over the weekend I landed my third job and attended an audition for an extra and I was feeling great! I thought this would be my lucky week! Man was I wrong (imagine that) haha!

Naturally I switched out my heels for shoes a little more comfortable shoes for some pictures at the park. I frequently pair this blazer with colorful bottoms such as these light pink capris or my mint colored skirt.

black and white blazer: charlotte russe
pink capris: Kohl's
gold boat shoes: kmart
black tank top: maurices
necklace: Christmas present (thanks grandma!)
silver clutch: bath and body

Remember how I said it was my lucky week? Haha well after I got ripped off at the bank this morning I blew a tire on my car trying to do a nice deed for my step mom, then while waiting for someone to pick me up from my useless car I proceeded to get a bloody nose while struggling to get the windows on my car up. I certainly hope that my bad luck does not rub off on any of you!!!
Have a great week lovelies!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Fall Ireland Tips

As a person who is constantly over preparing I recently started browsing my favorite website (pinterest) for packing tips for a two week trip to Ireland during the summer. Maybe I was looking in the wrong place but I found few tips on Ireland so I turned to memories of my previous trip to Ireland in the fall of 2011 and I thought maybe if I can't find anything I should help others find it and there began this blog post.
The trip I was a part of was a six day tour of Ireland with the band Switchback. As an Irish dancer I was one of four dancers asked to perform two benefit concerts with the band. So my first trip I didn't do a lot of the planning, I just went where I was told and when I was told to do so.
As Ireland is known for its rain I bought a new raincoat for the occassion, which I don't recommend. I honestly wore my coat once while on the trip and that was on a boat tour of a loche. I primarily wore my grey Columbia fleece jacket the enitre trip. Layering is a great idea, therefore I took:
 six long sleeved shirts (one "cuddle dud" and one adidas long underwear shirt),
three pairs of jeans,
one pair of comfy black pants (doubled as dressier pants and sweatpants),
three sweaters and one hoodie.
 I also recieved one hoodie as a thank you for the benefit I danced at.

While taking pictures for this post I realized that the clothes I took with me were thin enough that rolling them actually took up more room in my suitcase!

 I fold my jeans in "thirds" then in half again and it makes them really compact so that they fit really well. I then make a layer of jeans and heavier sweaters at the bottom of my suitcase.

I folded my shirts and laid them right on top of the "bulky" items. On top of my light shirts I added my tennis shoes and a pair of flip flops (which I never wore) (Caution: Don't be absent minded like myself and take triathlon shoes to Ireland, water will go up through the holes in the bottom!)

All of my accessories I put in a hardtop pencil case (97 cents at Walmart!) I use this case on every vacation for all of my accessories, hair ties, bobby pins, etc. and of course I have a little bag of makeup which I keep super simple (eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, and some lip gloss). I assumed you didn't want to see all of my undies and bras (even though they are pretty cute!) but I put all of my undies and socks in a large Ziploc bag and put them in the pocket on the inside of my suitcase along with bras and pajamas.

Meet my teddy bear Emmett! He is my traveling teddy bear that goes on all major vacations (my boyfriend gave him to me :)) In my carry on I took my laptop and camera (and chargers for both) along with my adapter. As a dancer I unfortunately had to pack my costume and dance shoes in my carry on which took up most of my room. A backpack is definitely the way to go for a carry on because its so much easier to carry than a duffel. Most planes allow you one carry on and one personal item so I carried my backpack and carried my jacket(s) I put my Columbia inside my raincoat and carried it on as one personal item. I also took a small cross body bag which I tucked inside my backpack.
my travel outfit: comfy and doesn't wrinkle! A white three quarter sleeve t-shirt, Capri's, and boot moccasins with my jacket.

These are my best friends. Space saving packing bags make packing so much easier. I use this a lot (especially when traveling to Disney World) and I'll add them to my bag on my next trip to Ireland. I roll my clothes and put them in the bag then roll the bag to get the air out and leave it rolled up to pack in my suitcase. They save so much room! I also had to buy a duffel bag to use as my carry on for all of my souvenirs on the turn trip home so I will be packing an empty bag this next trip!

With 11 days left until I hop across the pond for my second time I'll be looking out for more tips so feel free to leave some! Where's your favorite place to travel?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pretty Paisley

Hello lovelies!
I finally squeezed some time in for a couple pictures during my hectic weekend. I was dying to try out this new bracelet but working both jobs this weekend had me scrambling trying to find a little time to dress up. During a recent trip to the local farmers market I ran into one of my high school teachers who is cranking out crazy gorgeous leather cuff bracelets. Most of them have some sort of bling or gorgeous add on but I stuck with this simple bracelet with fabulous leather detail.

Isn't it a fabulous accessory?! Check out more of LVH's work here

Brown tank top Liz Claiborne (via
Paisley skirt ( old)
Orange Toms- thanks mom! (
Bracelets (LVH link above!)

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Make sure to check out LVH and support some local and small town artists! How did everyone else spend their weekends?

Friday, July 12, 2013

Peplum and Polka-Dots


My family and I enjoy a good live theatre production, so last night my mother, grandmother and I went to see a production of the Music Man (which was fantastic by the way) and naturally we stopped to take a few pictures on the way. On a recent shopping spree I found these adorable toupe shorts with black polka dots and this fabulous mint green peplum top (all from My gold bow and arrow bracelets were of course part of the little shopping spree!

Bracelets: Gold bow (charming charlie) gold arrows ( pink braid (random small town boutique) 
I know I frequently use this clutch but its just the perfect size! I happened across it at American Eagle over Christmas and couldn't pass up the fabulous price, plus it was 40% off, how can you beat that?! As I unfortunately don't own any mint shoes (shame I know!) I paired my black polka dots with my black t-strap sandals.
Now go out and support the theatre! What's your favorite show?

Friday, July 5, 2013

Finally Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone had a great and safe Fourth of July. Today I had to run a few errands with my momma and of course I stopped to take a few pictures at a local golf course. Today's ensemble was inspired by my black pair of open toe stilettos I purchased while in Ireland, they've been sitting on a self for quite some time and I thought it was about time to change that!

 I apologize for my ugly toe nails, I'm in desperate need of a pedi!!

Black t-shirt // grey, white, and purple flower shorts Vera Wang // black bow stilettos: Susst (via a shoe store in Ireland) // flower clutch Beautiful You Boutique // sunglasses ? (super old) // belt // necklace 

 As far as makeup goes I paired the whole outfit with a very simple lined eye (black eyeliner) a little mascara and to add a little pop I lined the inside corner of my eye with a glittery eyeliner. I also used a tiny bit of a light pink lipstick to wrap it up. So I've been seeing all sorts of great arm parties and I've decided I just don't own enough bracelets. Any suggestions??

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Land of the Free..Because of the Brave

Celebrate America
(Happy Fourth of July!)

My family has an annual Fourth of July backyard cookout and this year I dressed it up a tiny bit. With an uneven backyard; heels were out of the option (unfortunately!) but pairing the dress with flat sandals the formal tone of the outfit was toned down which was great for this occasion. The ruffles on this dress had me sold from the start! Have a safe holiday and thank you to all of those protecting our country!
What are your plans for the holiday?

Sunday Brunch

Funday Sunday Brunch Attire
A couple weekends ago my darling boyfriend took me out to brunch which was delicious of course! We rarely go out for things like brunch so naturally I took advantage of the occasion and sported my new maxi skirt and scarf combo. (My shirt was getting all bunchy in my skirt so I apologize for my awkward lines everywhere!) I was super excited to see all of the fabulous skirts on display at wetseal and for such a great price! I had to refrain myself to only one skirt, it was so tough!

white t-shirt, white, and blue scarf maxi skirt