Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Holiday Wear

Thanksgiving is right around the corner now, literally! With the holidays going on I've chosen to make one big post today. Some big news is coming your way from holiday wear, black Friday steals, and an announcement I'm over the moon excited to share with you!! What are you wearing for Thanksgiving? This is a peak at my outfit choices for the big day. A good friend of mine recently started selling the gorgeous Chloe and Isabel line of jewelry so naturally I plan on wearing some of her fabulous pieces! So she stopped over to give me a hand with a few holiday looks.

Kirstin loves the natural earth tones for the holiday season this year. A simple tan dress really allows you to play up the fabulous jewelry that you'll find HERE This long pearl necklace is actually a set of three! There's two different sized necklaces that can be worn separate or together (as pictured) and a bracelet as well.

 I absolutely love statement necklaces (who doesn't) so keep in mind that Chloe and Isabel have theirs 40% off for black Friday.. yes FORTY PERCENT! Crazy right?!
Simple dresses look so fabulous with a long necklace like this Chloe and Isabel gold chain necklace. You can find this and many more via Kirstin @ besoft

 If we get enough readers to participate in Chloe and Isabel's black Friday deal (via besoft) we will be hosting a FABULOUS Christmas giveaway that you do NOT want to miss! So go check out her items and remember, we will be keeping tabs on who buys through her to include you in a Sherbert and Kitty giveaway next month!!
AND now this is where she helped me out a little bit. I'm extremely excited to first announce that my etsy shop (strandsofDNA) will be having a 50% off ALL bags listed (discount will be reflected in the price listed) for BLACK FRIDAY!! The bags aren't posted yet but you will be able to view them at midnight (cst) on Friday! and secondly I will be selling hand made Christmas ornaments this year on my etsy account!!Stay tunned for discounts, there might be some soon ;)

LOOKING for BLACK FRIDAY deals?! We've got you covered, shop bags HERE and jewelry HERE you'll have all of your Christmas shopping done in two stops!
What are your plans for the holiday? Happy Thanksgiving and safe travel!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Style Day: Camo

This post was intended for Friday on the IG (instagram) style day but unfortunately I was taking care of a sick boyfriend so I saved my post for today instead!
For some reason camo is a big trend for women lately and that honestly frightens me. Growing up in a duck blind, this is my version of the trend:
 (Sorry, hunting is an early morning excursion. Way too early for makeup!)

Now I'm not sure if it's society's obsession with Duck Dynasty that has brought about this new trend or our adaptation of fall colors into our beloved prints.

Fashion forward individuals always strive to stand out, but this new trend has everyone blending in; ironic isn't it?

I try to never dismiss a trend without giving it a fair chance first but:
 Give me some mossy oak and we can call it a day!

How do you feel about camo? What's your least favorite "trend"? Make sure to instagram your camo outfits and post with #camostyleday and make sure to follow me at dallasa94

White tshirt // forever21
leggings // maurice's
jacket // my father's from his time in the airforce
scarf // forever21
boots // UOI

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Winter is Approaching

Chillier days are now upon the midwest! Yesterday there was actual accumulation of snow, I like snow but I believe it should only be around during the month of December (and I feel that's a generous offer!). Outfits for my classes are always challenging; I like to wear something warm so I stay warm walking into class and getting settled in class but you can never predict the temperature of the classroom! So I like wearing things I can manipulate and take off or put on such as sweaters and scarves. This is a little outfit very do-able for an every day school outfit: an adorable paisley scarf (etsy), booties that I need (pinterest), pink cardigan (forever 21), and jeans (not pictured but my favorite are linked from AE)

pant suggestion

What's your favorite do-able and affordable outfits? Scarves are my go to for the colder months! What's yours?

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fall time is the best time for outdoor activities. Pumpkin patches and apple orchards can call for days of fresh air and fun times in the lovely crisp fall air. This year I visited two apple orchards: one with my boyfriend and the other with my best friend Abby! Here are some outfit ideas for these lovely fall outdoor adventures.
Jonamac Orchard with my boyfriend. I wore the classic fall outfit: boots, plaid, and a vest!

 He loves taking random "modeling" pictures of me so I turned the camera around on him :)
plaid shirt // farm&fleet
black leggings // (old) maurice's
vest // (old) north face

 Apple Orchard Round Two!
Burgundy pants // target
Feather shirt // target
Sweater// (old) hollister

My grandmother makes the world's best apple pie I swear! Only I'm not entirely sure her recipe (yet, I'll get it some day) so I'll give you some of my other favorite apple recipes
What are your favorite apple recipes?!

Friday, November 1, 2013


A little recap of my final Halloween costume decision. Last minute I went with the ninja costume. Unfortunately I didn't have time to make a little ninja turtle-esque mask but check out these awesome swords!
I got pretty awesome and pulling these swords out like a B.A. ninja! (Luckily my boyfriend was there to help me put the swords back in their holders)

 My boyfriend knows my love for holiday decorations and picked up this adorable little "poison" bottle for 50% off at a cute little local store.

And of course here is our pumpkin we picked up at the patch the other day! We both love minions and the Despicable Me movies so we carved a little minion who unfortunately was a tad too large for our pumpkin but we made it work!

How did you spend your holiday? Any fun costumes?!