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Meet Dallas, the creator of Sherbert&Stilettos!
Although surrounded by cornfields in mundane Illinois my love for clothes will never cease. Every little girl loves a game of dress up which I continue to participate in every day. How could life get any better? The rush of adrenaline after catching site of a fabulous find will never get old, unfortunately as a college student my options for shopping are becoming limited but I am living proof that sweat pants are not the dress code for higher education institutions!

What's Sherbert about?
Clothing and outfit blogging (obvi) and my second life long passion: DIY. From sewing to experimenting with new recipes you can count me in! What's my third passion you're asking? (admit it you were wondering!) travel! I provide tips from must-do's at various locations to what to pack.

I am always willing to test new and/or model new products as well as advertise for any businesses interested in sponsoring. If you are interested please feel free to contact me at dallasnadams@gmail.com

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