Monday, January 6, 2014

Winter Wear

So I recently searched on pinterest for "winter outfits." I wasn't expecting to see layer upon layer with heavy coats on, but I must admit the girls that wear these outfits must live in Florida! These very cute and stylish outfits are a few examples of "winter outfits"

I personally would wear all of these!
The only downside is that I'm from Illinois and with the wind chill today its -50 degrees, yes you read that correctly -50! Needless to say I don't plan on getting dressed up and going anywhere today! I'm spending the day in yoga pants with hot chocolate in my hand!

Layering is my style. No matter the time of year, I am constantly layering (which is a big downfall in the warmer months). Naturally I lean towards the leggings, knee high socks, and boots as a go to outfit. This winter I've especially taken up a love for chunky knit scarves as displayed in all of these pictures :) Check back Friday for examples of how I style my chunky scarves!

What is your go to outfit on cold weather days?
Stay warm and stay safe in this crazy weather!


  1. Love all of these! I'd need to add my giant knee-length parka over top of them all because Canada is also freaking cold, haha.

  2. Good ideas…my go to is pretty much the warmest legging/sweater combo I can find haha plus I'm addicted to scarves too of course!

    Like it Haute