Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Back to School

The first day of a new semester is always a great feeling. A fresh start at classes and a new start at your wardrobe. New classmates to inspire and new classmates to inspire your style. Its a nice fresh restart to the school year. I always try to look my best on the first day of the new semester but this year with it being my last semester at this college I cooled down my style a little (literally) and wore a very casual and effortless outfit. That could also be because I had a very long, busy, and late nighted weekend and just wanted to sleep in when Monday rolled around.

My new favorite chunky scarf I picked out for my Christmas present from Old Navy! I also sported my new American Eagle sweater that I found on a really great sale recently.

These are some of my favorite boots! I absolutely fell in love with the adorable crochet lace inserts when I eyed them at UOI online recently.

Every semester the school tries to bring fun things into the college to eliminate the back to school blues and this year was by far the best! They brought a portable ice skating rink in. This was my first time EVER ice skating and I must say it was terrifying but great!

Sweater// ae
Scarf// old navy
Jeans// hollister
Boots// UOI