Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day

Ahh the lovey-dovey holiday is upon us. Although I blogged about planning early for gifts, I have once again found myself last minute rushing to find a gift for my man. It seems no matter how much I plan these things, they never fail to sneak up on me.

Such cute tights!

Hunter boots have my heart!

Too cute

If only the weather were warmer

Unfortunately I have to work tonight so I will not get to spend the evening at a fancy little restaurant. Even though Valentine's Day isn't necessarily the biggest holiday for my boyfriend and I, we still wanted to do a little something to celebrate so we decided to go out for brunch on Sunday. What are your plans for the holiday? Cheesy movies and pounds of chocolate? Sounds good to me!!

Happy Valentine's Day all of you love birds!


  1. Such cute Valentine's Day inspiration! I love that last outfit, such a shame the weather isn't warmer this time of year.

    1. Thank you! The weather man lead me on saying it would be warm for Valentine's Day but it snowed instead :(

  2. I wish that I'd had something to do on Valentines- I was stuck home, alone too! It was definitely a night for chocolate and rom-coms x

    Visit my blog for a post on my trip to LFW!