Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Healthy Pancakes

As I will soon be participating in a pageant I've been trying to be good and eat a little bit better. I was really carving pancakes but know that they're way out of my calorie allowance so naturally I took to pinterest. I was a little skeptical of the promises of delicious but healthy pancakes, until I tried one of the reoccurring recipes.

Now I didn't take pictures of any of this because I honestly wasn't expecting these to turn out so well (I will definitely be making these again so if anyone would like pictures let me know!)

This recipe is more simple than the box mix! And way fewer calories!
What you need:
2large eggs (70 calories a piece)
1medium banana (100calories)
Optional: chocolate chips (I could only use 7 to stay within my calories)
Optional (and highly recommended): strawberries (50 calories)

How to make them:
1. Mash banana (or puree in a blender)
2. Add the two eggs to the banana
3. Beat eggs and banana together (or puree in blender)
4. Spray a small skillet with cooking spray
5. Add just enough banana/egg mix to cover the bottom pd the pan
6. It only takes a couple minutes on each side and tada!

 I managed to make three cakes out of this mix for only 240 calories. Since I'm allowed 300 I topped my cakes with 50calories worth of strawberries (which ended up being around 6 berries) and 7 chocolate chips which o chopped up to make them go further! Now I expected these to be big fluffy pancakes, don't get your hopes up! Mine ended up more like a creep or Swedish pancake. obviously the cakes were quite banana-y but it was a nice change from the heavy floury tasting pancakes I'm accustomed to.
P.S. how cute is the pan handle guard? Its such a blessing for my pans because the handles of my pans always heat up while I'm trying to cook and then its impossible to touch the pan! You can find these HERE

What are some of your favorite low-cal quick and easy recipes?


  1. I look at your post and I'm already hungry!!
    Thanks for your comment, kisses,
    Eni K.


  2. 240 calories!
    that's awesome