Friday, July 26, 2013

Carry-On Packing

What does Sherbert&Stilettos pack in a carry on for a two week trip to Ireland? That's a good question, I'm not 100% sure myself either! (And might flight leaves in 7 hours!) Since I'm flying with Aer Lingus I was offered one free checked luggage and one carry on so naturally I was all over that!

So this is just a general list of the little things I like to have close at hand during a seven hour flight!
Naturally I packed my guide books that I picked up on my last trip to Ireland. I also have a notebook with all of my little lists of where to go and what to see as well as a book that my mom picked up for me called Buried in a Bog (we have a little bog joke)

 Also a necessity where ever I go; my favorite sunglasses! And a camera with extra memory cards. I also packed a ziplock with my camera charger, phone charger, and laptop charger. Typically I keep all liquids in my checked luggage just to make security easier but I did pack a ziplock with some lotion and hand sanitizer.

I packed some yoga pants for comfy travel and fuzzy socks to my wittle toes warm. My Vera Bradley makeup travel bag comes in hand for those little makeup touch up items I'll need after a long flight. I must say I don't normally take snacks but I've seen a bunch of blogs saying they take snacks so I'll try my luck with it!
 Meet Emmett, my travel bear! My boyfriend gave me him for our first Christmas together and Emmett has since traveled on every big vacation with me. Sleeping on a plane sometimes isn't the easiest so I take Emmett and my boyfriend's hoodie to help enhance my sleeping. Since I plan on wearing my bulky boots on the plane to save room in my suitcase I'm taking slip on Toms for the plane.. I also have my cross body purse that I drop into my backpack (carry on)

My travel outfit includes:
my bulkiest pair of pants (maurice's)
my favorite grey t-shirt (old navy)
an over sized white sweater (also old navy)
an over sized infinity scarf (ny&co)
I'll try to keep you updated on my travels around Ireland and update a packing list to share after I return home. Any travel suggestions? Feel free to let me know!

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