Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Style Day: Camo

This post was intended for Friday on the IG (instagram) style day but unfortunately I was taking care of a sick boyfriend so I saved my post for today instead!
For some reason camo is a big trend for women lately and that honestly frightens me. Growing up in a duck blind, this is my version of the trend:
 (Sorry, hunting is an early morning excursion. Way too early for makeup!)

Now I'm not sure if it's society's obsession with Duck Dynasty that has brought about this new trend or our adaptation of fall colors into our beloved prints.

Fashion forward individuals always strive to stand out, but this new trend has everyone blending in; ironic isn't it?

I try to never dismiss a trend without giving it a fair chance first but:
 Give me some mossy oak and we can call it a day!

How do you feel about camo? What's your least favorite "trend"? Make sure to instagram your camo outfits and post with #camostyleday and make sure to follow me at dallasa94

White tshirt // forever21
leggings // maurice's
jacket // my father's from his time in the airforce
scarf // forever21
boots // UOI


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  3. Cute pictures! I like how you styled the camo jacket!


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