Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fall time is the best time for outdoor activities. Pumpkin patches and apple orchards can call for days of fresh air and fun times in the lovely crisp fall air. This year I visited two apple orchards: one with my boyfriend and the other with my best friend Abby! Here are some outfit ideas for these lovely fall outdoor adventures.
Jonamac Orchard with my boyfriend. I wore the classic fall outfit: boots, plaid, and a vest!

 He loves taking random "modeling" pictures of me so I turned the camera around on him :)
plaid shirt // farm&fleet
black leggings // (old) maurice's
vest // (old) north face

 Apple Orchard Round Two!
Burgundy pants // target
Feather shirt // target
Sweater// (old) hollister

My grandmother makes the world's best apple pie I swear! Only I'm not entirely sure her recipe (yet, I'll get it some day) so I'll give you some of my other favorite apple recipes
What are your favorite apple recipes?!

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  1. I've not visited an apple orchard. Maybe some day I will =D