Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Wear

Holy cow, eight days until Christmas, can you believe it?? I know I sure can't. I began Christmas shopping in September and thought I was getting a sneaky jump start on my shopping this year, unfortunately I haven't finished yet! I better get on that today I suppose. 

While on a recent trip to visit a good friend in Chicago she began pointing out holiday outfits while shopping and I realized I don't have anything planned yet! Fortunately I was at Forever21 and discovered tons of adorable outfits perfect for those holly and tinsel filled days ahead. Here is one of my favorite outfits:

During Christmas there is always an air of tradition from classical songs to baking cookies and decorating the Christmas tree and I treasure the classy feeling that accompanies the holiday. The cut of the silver dress exhumes class in my opinion, and the floral print adds an awesome texture without being too loud. Tights are always my staple for winter, they provide a tiny bit of extra warmth for those snowy days. The geo bib really emphasizes and compliments with neckline of the dress and adds a little pop of color without being gaudy. Now I typically prefer peep toe shoes, but when I wear tights I typically lean more towards a closed toe just to hide that awkward toe seam on tights. 

What is your favorite part of Christmas?
Any exciting Christmas traditions?


  1. i love that white leather jacket, dress and those heels. gorgeous. i put my tree up, finished my shopping, now i just wish to relax. hahaha baking sounds absolutely delightful. kitchens always smell great this time of year.

    1. Thank you!
      Its a family tradition to bake as many cookies as humanly possible before Christmas in my house! I'll be featuring our baking day on my blog today! :)

  2. Hello dear, Your blog really awesome! Love it! <3
    Btw, wanna follow each other via GFC? Let me know ;)

  3. Nice look!