Friday, December 27, 2013

Sweater Leggings and Sparkles

The worst part of Christmas is always trying to find places to put my new presents! My drawers are packed to the max with all of my new clothes including this new hunter green sweater from Old Navy (thanks mom!) With the weather warming up a tiny bit I thought I'd shed some layers today and stick to my new sweater and my new sweater leggings!

The "Twelve Days Of Christmas" sales that stores were sporting this year was kind to me! I scored these sweater leggings from BB Styled and only paid shipping. I'm always a little unsure on buying leggings online, you never know how they'll fit or if they'll be see-through or too short but so far I can't complain about these leggings! These are meant to be hand washed and I hate hand washing so I'll admit I threw these in the machine and they turned out fine!

Sweater // Old Navy
Leggings // BB Styled
Necklace // Cato

1 comment:

  1. Very cute! I have tons of patterned leggings and love the look :) I like the necklace you styled it with-looking great.