Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Aroma of Christmas!

In my family, it is a big holiday tradition to bake a TON of cookies for Christmas. Sometimes we share them with others...sometimes we hoard them to ourselves. BUT either way it's always a day full of flying flour, timers beeping, and the sweeeet aroma of cookies!!

Before we talk cookies lets talk about the very exciting little package I received in the morning before we started our cookie fiasco! I've been stalking the Lily Asher earring collection debating on which pair I need to buy first when I came across an amazing flash deal! I scored three beautiful sets of earrings so naturally I had to wear them right away!
Now I'll admit, I wasn't sure if they would be heavy or anything due to their size but I was so wrong! I've never had a more comfortable pair of earrings! These are definitely a must have! Visit Lily Asher for TONS of gorgeous prints, colors, and sizes!

Our cookies vary year to year but the one we always have to make are the sugar kringles. Now I'd love the share the recipe with all of you so you can experience these magnificent cookies for yourself, but I've been sworn to secrecy regarding the recipe. In fact I haven't even been given the recipe, so I don't know it myself. It's a cookie that my grandma has been handed down
and is now the keeper of the recipe! I can tell you that it involves the dough being rolled out on the counter, cut into little strips, then coated in sugar and baked. These cookies are so light and airy they just melt in your mouth!
I stole a glimpse of the recipe!!

Since I can't give out the sugar kringle recipe I'll give you my other favorite! A shortbread cookies with dried cherries and white chocolate chips, a take on a raspberry shortbread cookie recipe.

We follow the cookie recipe and add half a bag of dried cherries (this year we did a fourth of a bag of cherries and a fourth of cranberries) and half a bag of white chocolate chips (just eyeball it!). The glaze is good on the cookies but we don't typically put it on the cookies, they're fine without it!

My little Christmas helper :)

 Merry Christmas everyone!! and that's a wrap on our baking cookies and Lily Asher earrings!

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