Monday, December 2, 2013

Oh, Cold Weather..

Oh cold weather, we meet again!

So I found this hat in my mother's room the other day and was like "uhh mom where in the world did this come from?? I need to blog it!" Turns out she purchased this hat at a little craft show so I found it appropriate to wear it with my renovated sweater!

This sweater was a pull over from Old Navy that I just did not like on so I cut it and made it into a cardigan and added some elbow patches! (Sparkly, of course!) I also made up this little scarf not too long ago on a rainy day crafting spree.

A closer look at my attempt at detail on my sweater

Anyone interested in a tutorial on spicing up some of your old sweater favorites? (Such as I did with this sweater)
What are some of your favorite renovation projects??

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